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Our gift to you in 2020 is…well, actually 12 gifts.   This year: wow. I’ve personally decided to skip straight to the holidays because in true fashion, they are still providing reliable twinkly hopes for our future. Yes, our home is already decorated, if you must ask.

This year I wanted to do something fun for Rorie Collectors, and take the opportunity to share a personal tradition of mine with you. Each year around the holidays, my family would select a neighbor or friend that we were going to surprise with the 12 Days of Christmas game. Generally, we’d select someone we wanted to get to know better, or someone who had a bad year which, translated into 2020 means the entirety of planet Earth. If you don’t know what the 12 Days of Christmas is, it’s mostly known as a Christmas Carol that plays on the radio each year. The history is even more foreign, but the game was about surprising someone with a gift representing each of the 12 days of Christmas, leading up to the big day, at which point you’d deliver you’re 12th and final gift and reveal yourself!  Getting creative of course. Think: instead of “Five Golden Rings”, someone would open their door and find 5 Burger King onion rings on their doorstep with no note—you get the idea. Well our available line doesn’t do much for what the song is literally singing—I make no pieces with Partridges or Pear trees, but I can certainly think of 12 cool deals I’ll only offer once! 

Rorie Collector, “Stop yammering on already and tell me what my gift is!”

So, with that in mind--and also to bring some exciting deals to our customers in this very terrible year--we’re offering 12 Days of Deals! Now here is the deal with this deal: you can only claim it by DM’ing the code shared on our IG Story tied to the piece, before the Story has expired. In some cases, the deals pertain to one-of-a-kind products which will be awarded to the first person to reach out. I also know all of you have important lives that don’t always enable you to wait around on IG for that deal to drop, so I’m giving everyone a heads up in the schedule of deals below! Please note, Rorie Collection is a small operation that focuses on bringing unique quality to our pieces---our stones are hand selected throughout the year, and rather than making pieces to satisfy the masses, we make a piece when a genuinely unique gemstone becomes available and is hard to replicate. With any art, it tells you when it’s ready to be made, not the other way around. All of this said, these are the most aggressive deals we’ve ever offered and we hope this brings at least a little joy to your year!

 Btw - We are having issues on the blog constraints so if there are any questions on the information within please reach out directly to us or check out the schedule on Instagram!

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