Are You Team Moissanite Or Team Diamond?

Are You Team Moissanite or Team Diamond?

Let’s not get it twisted, every gem has its day--whether it’s a Quartz or a Diamond, it’s all about cut, quality, and what kind of look you’re going for.  Even among Diamond graders, each carry their own preference on style beyond a certain point. In fact, one of the things I see jewelry buyers do time and time again is let Sales associates convince them of the gems they should and shouldn’t value; in some cases, even shaming folks away from cheaper, more accessible stones to drive up sales.  It’s all over complication for something that’s as simple as:

  • Does this call to me?
  • Will this last the duration I want to wear it for?
  • Is this gem hard enough to support my lifestyle?
  • Can I afford this piece?

That’s it!  Easy peasy.  For example, some may feel a 'Crushed Ice' cut has extra sparkle while others see it as ‘watery’.  Others prefer 'Step' cuts for their classic aesthetic and emphasis on showing off your stone’s clarity, while others don’t think they’re sparkly enough.  Personally? I agreed with Jeremy Joseph, lead lapidary at Jamie Joseph, when he told me at a trunk show that each stone chooses what it wants to be and he’s there to make it happen.  Major shout out to Jamie Joseph who too is a Seattle native, has lines focused on gems, and has encouraged the local trend of treating yourself to a #powerring.   Anyway, I digress…

Rorie Collection’s line is very gem forward, and by that we mean most of our pieces have a gemstone as a focal point of its design.  In fact, at the rate we're consuming jewelry, it’s very possible that there won’t be any left for future generations as we’re already seeing some species and materials go extinct! Making jewelry this way is one of the best ways we can pay true homage to Nature’s true candy.  Each precious gemstone mined was made deep within our Earth’s crust between 970 million to 3.2 billion years ago.  That means that every time you or your loved ones buy a genuine gemstone, they get to take part of this planet’s history home with them. Rorie Collection wants people to buy gems for each significant memory or accomplishment in their lives, reflecting their true life legacy; one that’s able to be passed onto future generations for wear and inspiration. 

By now you’re probably confused why I’m still talking about the gemstone category, but it’s an important detail to consider in everyone’s decision-making process.  If you want a piece of history that comes from the deepest part of our Earth then by all means get a Diamond or Peridot over any precious gemstone or lab-made stone.  If you want that crushed ice cut I mentioned above, I’ll be one of the first people to recommend a diamond over a Moissanite.  But in all other cases where you’d want a clear stone, I’m team Moissanite all the way!   That said if we must simply do a chart, then I’ll oblige:





Comes from Earth’s mantle.

Comes from outer space.  Yes I said space. Since the Lyft to outer space is expensive, we now make them in labs.


Graded with four C’s and GIA.

Graded with four C’s and GIA.











10 - only Diamonds can scratch them.

9.25 – Only Diamonds and Moissanite can scratch them.


DeBeers single-highhandedly created the Diamond market and marketed them as romantic gifts.

Known to be seen on Boss Ladies.



Literally everywhere. The most common precious stone found.

Did I say outer space?  Okay fine, Earth doesn’t have a ton of these natural deposits due to aforementioned origin, so we get them now from labs who have perfected the environment.


Generally spendy.

Affordable at 1/6th to 1/10th the cost of diamonds.


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