Jewelry and Personal Branding

Whether we like it or not, we’re all Marking and Sales specialists in 2020, or at least we’re expected to be. I learned this the hard way when I--someone with zero experience in marketing or sales--was forced to online date.  I came to the table with what I thought would pass the test for a response: I have several degrees, look nothing like a monster and made a career for myself that would be inspiring to my ultimate partner. Apparently putting that out on the table wasn’t the right course of action, rather, I should have played my part by building a profile that would signal to others what I thought of myself.  I’ll spare you the details of what happens when you don’t market yourself accurately…or should I say too accurately.  Needless to say this is an art we’re all forced to learn for dating, networking, interviewing, making friends and hell, even meeting your neighbors for the first time (cue: my story about what happens when you meet said neighbors in your sweatpants…). 

So why does Rorie Collection care about this?  Because, we’re here to help.  I started this line because I recognized an opportunity to start showcasing our accomplishments as part of our personal brand; I don’t know about you, but even I, one who subscribes to a heterosexual lifestyle, find strong women beautiful; in fact, the stronger the better.  And let’s not assume all strength is loud, or rough, or physically strong, or traditionally male.  Let’s definitely remember how admirable it is when we encounter someone with authentic grace. The ability to forgive when you’ve been hurt.  To be silently strong for your family or your partner because they need it more than you.  To lead into the unknown, when you’re terrified, for the greater good.  I want these moments to make up each of our personal legacies and for heirloom quality jewelry to become the conduit for transmitting this message to future generations for inspiration.

Many don’t know this but precious and semi-precious gemstones were made deep within our Earth’s crust between 970 million to 3.2 billion years ago.  What this means is that when you’re caught in the allure of a sparkle or the fibers of an Emerald, you’re attracted to one of our most biological histories.  In fact, humans innovated with the first tooling used to make jewelry!  Owning these natural treasures is truly special and something worthy of a special occasion.   This is exactly why I’m so excited to launch our convertible line that can be worn multiple ways.  Each piece is made of fine or demi-fine materials (gold, or thick gold plated silver) and has a gemstone focused aesthetic.  I can’t imagine anything better to memorialize my personal accomplishments than a stone that literally stands the test of time and creates an emotion I want to remember.


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