Launching our Legacy Line! What's it all about?

I have been struggling to find the pithiness needed to communicate the meaning of my Legacy Line in three sentences or less— ‘the 30 second elevator pitch’, I believe they call it. I mean, honestly, I trip over my words because I have so much to say about it, about why it means so much to me, about why it should mean so much to all jewelry loving women out there…it goes on.   And even if the meaning is lost, the Legacy line is just plain bad-ass in my mind, although I do recognize I’m biased.  Many don’t know this but precious and semi-precious gemstones were made deep within our Earth’s crust between 970 million to 3.2 billion years ago.  What this means is that when you’re caught in the allure of a sparkle of a Diamond or the fibers of an Emerald, you’re attracted to one of our most biological histories, and more so attracted to things that were made at a point in time, not things that are being made by Earth every day. In fact, some species of gemstones have become extinct—yes I literally just used the word “extinct”.  Those who collect investment grade gemstones understand this very well, as the whole reason any gemstone appreciates is because of its rarity.  Honestly a lot of these stones are the result of space elements being thrust into our Earth and pressurized each in their very specific way with their very specific chemical composition—is my inner geek showing yet?

The truth is, when I zoom way out and look at our Earth, our culture, and the state of the Human race, one thing is clear: we are consumers, and in some cases we are starting to replace human connection with technology.  This makes me sad. It makes me sad because I’m part of that same culture, but also because I can see it erode our humanity in some ways; it’s the disconnection caused by hyper-connection if you will.  I can see this prevalence increase generation over generation, and it lessens the richness of our lives when we both don’t share it with people today and with those in the future.  We lose the opportunity to connect on things that are vulnerable and perhaps, unusual, because our lives are moving fast, and if there’s no open text field for it, our friends on the other side of that technology may not get the message.

As a woman this makes me think of one specific thing: how am I communicating all of learnings I have in my life today, with those beyond me?  Kids are unfortunately not in my future and that’s okay, but it certainly pushes me to think creatively about my legacy and what I even want that to be.  That singular message that is worthy enough to be passed on to future generations is this: I want future women to know about my successes so that they can get inspired by my grit.  I’ll say that again: inspired by my grit. Notice I didn’t say accomplishment.  Most of us know that when you finish the marathon a lot of grit and hard work went into getting you there; the accomplishment is memorialized in passing that finish line, but is truly the result of all of the hard work that made you prepared and what you should be so very proud of. This is something I want to resurrect with my Legacy Line—ambitious goals, I know.

My Legacy Line is about pairing quality gemstones and precious metals to create a convertible piece of jewelry that the wearer holds emotional attachment to. It’s convertible because things that matter should be with you always. It’s convertible because I believe in cherishing, not consume, the relics we dig from the ground. It’s convertible because it’s 2020 and I no longer think we need to limit ourselves to wearing a power ring, or a necklace or a set of earrings that were soldered together in one specific size and way. Rather, the more we wear our pieces, the more we get out of them; they truly appreciate throughout time when you tie them to something meaningful. They become a source of inspiration, a reminder of what it’s like to work hard and that you have done it before and you’ll do it again. 

Treating our heirlooms this way allows us to pass along the jewelry and the meaning to future generations.  I made my first piece when I single-handedly paid off my school loans. It was so hard, and an opportunity to glamorize hard work over accomplishments.  I want my peers to think grit is cool, I want men to think it’s sexy, and I want women to recognize these convertible heirlooms all around the world, stop each other on the street, and ask, “Would you tell me what you did to earn this? I’d love to know.”


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