About Us


To know me is to know the essence of Rorie Collection.  I want to tell you a true story about myself that hopefully feels different from other jewelry designers.

I grew up poor, in a small rural town in Washington state, where buying fine jewelry for pleasure was more of a myth than a reality.  I used to stand in front of the jewelry counters at the local department store while my mom shopped, and would trace through every detail of the pieces with my eyes.   At the age of ten, I used to save my hard-earned paper route money to spend at the local auction on cheap gemstones and crystals that were being sold.  I could only afford a few small ones over time, but occasionally when I was having a bad day, I'd pull them out and roll them in my palm while the light made them glisten.  The sparkle made me drift away into an alternate world and I was instantly happy. 

Later in life I received a family Emerald that had a complicated past: the stone is stunning but it just happened to be my grandfather's mistress's promise ring. Say that three times fast.  I barely knew her and I barely knew him, but their legacy pervaded our family history and I wasn't particularly charmed about the idea of continuing that by wearing the ring as is.  It simply had to be reinvented, no question about it.  

By this point I had traded in my time as a sketch artist and avid creator for a full time career in corporate America.  When the design process started, it was going to be a gift from my spouse, but as we broached completion and the piece became part me--part my lineage--I was suddenly compelled to buy it for myself; even more odd was the higher the sticker price, the more proud I was.  I went home with the piece and was shocked by where my mind was; it wasn't in looking at the piece or in bragging to my friends, it was a sense of pride and mental wandering about what some young woman would say when this piece was eventually handed down to them.  Would it be from me? Would it be two generations down? Most importantly would my life and legacy travel with it?  I realized the most satisfaction I had was the fact that this piece represented a milestone in my life, one where fine jewelry wasn't just a possibility but a reality! To be able to share that story, the grit that I learned along the way, and the pride that appreciates throughout time from that journey, that is what this piece represented, and that's what I wanted people to see when they looked at it: a woman with unbreakable pride that other women could look up to.

I immediately created Rorie Collection so I could hopefully provide this same feeling to other women around the world.  In addition to my designs, I bring to the table 15 years of experience building supply chains, products, and satisfying customers.  This shines through in the quality of our pieces and the price points we're able to offer them at.  I hope I get the chance to work with you and hear your story about what your purchase will mean to you and your legacy. 

For those who identify as women and those who support us, the time is now to set the tone for how we want women to be seen. Let's start talking about the things we're proud of to those in our lives, and if your looking for a fun way to start that conversation, I suggest some sparkly jewelry.  It worked for me.


Kate Rorie

Founder of Rorie Collection